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Anthony Fantano: Internet’s Bigoted Music Nerd

I was on Youtube today, watching my favorite series, “Feminist Frequency”, when I stumbled across a man (a cis-gendered man, mind you) who reviewed music. His name was Anthony Fantano, or as his fans call him “The Needle Drop”.

I watched one of his videos, and I didn’t notice anything particularly sexist (other than a lack of a woman companion in his reviews, where is that, Anthony!?). However, when I watched a certain segment, called “Your Nat Review (sic)”, I was horrified at just how bigoted this man was.

He depicts his fictional roommate, Cal, as a mentally-handicapped non-skinny person. And he constantly makes fun of him and stereotypes him as stupid. Anthony Fantano is shaming mentally-handicapped people and he is fat shaming! I think the only shame is on you, Anthony!

Fat people and mentally-handicapped people should be accepted as who they are, but unfortunately, Anthony Fantano is spreading ideas to all of his fans that it is okay to make fun of fat people and those who may not have the privilege of having a normal IQ.

Fantano is a perfect example of how privilege can cloud the mind of a person and turn them into a monster. He supports DEATH GRIPS, that misogynist group I looked into yesterday. 

I have contacted Youtube and asked them to take down Fantano’s videos for spreading hate. Hopefully Fantano’s bigoted approach to overweight people and the mentally-handicapped will be vanquished from the internet forever.